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Wills and Probate or Deceased Estates

The importance of changing your will when you marry, divorce or re-marry; when you have a child or when your financial circumstances change, is impressed upon the clients of Sharee Cassel & Associates.  We understand that it is a lot easier for your family and friends if your intentions are clearly set out for them.

If you have been appointed as executor of someone else’s estate, you may need your role as executor explained to you, or you may need to take action in your capacity as executor and need some help with this.

Either way, you should fully understand the process and by contacting Sharee Cassel & Associates we can either discuss the requirements of your will with you or we can assist you if you have been appointed as an Executor or Administrator.

Set fees

Legal fees for the application for a grant of probate or an application for letters of administration from the Supreme Court of NSW are set by a scale of fees. However, there are fees not covered by this scale such as for the collection and transfer of assets and distribution of the estate.   For more information, please refer to the fees/costs link in this website.