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Fees, Costs and Disbursements


Disbursements are monies due to outside sources that you will need to pay to the office of Sharee Cassel & Associates as your matter progresses; such as filing fees, the cost of obtaining reports for your case or barrister’s work. 


Fees are amounts due to Sharee Cassel & Associates for the cost of our legal services.  Legal work will mostly be done by a solicitor but sometimes work will be done by para-legal or support staff. 

Consultation concerning fees is an important part of the management of your case.  And every case is different.  After your initial appointment with Sharee Cassel & Associates you will have a good understanding of the most likely case strategy and cost structure for your particular matter.    

After our first consultation, you will be provided with an individual Costs Agreement tailored to your legal needs.

Throughout the duration of your matter you will be provided with regular statements from Sharee Cassel & Associates and you will be consulted prior to all disbursements being incurred in your matter.

The hourly rate for solicitors and staff at Sharee Cassel & Associates is competitive and we invite you to “shop around” in this regard.

Legal aid

In some cases Sharee Cassel & Associates will accept work funded by the Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales.  The Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales funds certain matters that are to be filed in Courts and Tribunals within New South Wales.  We can assist you to determine your eligibility for this type of funding.