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Family Law

The Family Law matters that we have carriage of at Sharee Cassel & Associates are generally dealt with by the Family Court of Australia or in the Federal Magistrates Court, either in Sydney or at Parramatta.  Some of our matters are for de-facto clients and as of 1 March 2009 their property proceedings also occur in the Family Court. 

Our Family Law matters generally concern children, property and divorce. Our clients include grandparents as well as parents.


Once parents have separated, the child(ren)’s time with each parent, who they live with and parental responsibility are important issues that can be sorted out through family dispute resolution, mediation or litigation.

In children’s matters, if there is agreement between parents, you may find that you need our assistance with consent orders or a parenting plan. If your matter has more complex issues you may require our help with a contravention, relocation or location/recovery application.

At Sharee Cassel & Associates we understand that this is an emotional area and our aim is to provide you with the support and advice you will need throughout the duration of your case.

Property & Divorce

Upon separating from your partner, you may want help with negotiating a property settlement and drafting a financial agreement, or you may wish to have your matter dealt with by the Court. Alternatively, you may simply require our help with your divorce.

By contacting Sharee Cassel & Associates we can go through all the options open to you and give you efficient and supportive advice and representation.