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When buying or selling your home or investment property you know that it is a matter of getting it right the first time. We at Sharee Cassel & Associates know that our legal expertise in this area is essential to every successful conveyance.

This is why your initial instructions will be taken by Sharee Cassel. Right from the beginning we will let you know what is required for your matter to proceed in the most efficient manner to best ensure a successful outcome.

Keeping you informed

After seeing you on the first date we will continually keep you updated as we arrange for the necessary searches, certificates and reports.  If you are eligible, we will assist you with your application for the First Home owners Grant.  We will liaise with lenders, real estate agents and banks.  We will peruse and if necessary negotiate amendments to your contract and mortgage documents and arrange for stamping of your contract.

When you come to Sharee Cassel & Associates we will keep you informed and discuss the disbursements which apply to your particular conveyance including stamp duty and the cost of various reports and certificates which you may need.  For more information on fees please refer to the fees/costs link on this website.